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Call Us Today!
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Why Pay More?

What you should know before calling a mover.
Other movers can surprise you with extra packing and wrapping charges when they show up at your door on moving day. There are several new moving companies that use a "Bait and Switch" tactic to scam unsuspecting customers. Local moves are charged by the hour. The "Bait" is to offer a very low rate and estimated time to do the move.

The "Switch" is to send less than quality movers who may say nothing is packed properly and they must repack everything into their boxes at inflated rates, time and box prices. They may even charge for tape, bubble wrap, cardboard, etc. This could add up to hundreds of extra dollars. Since the foreman gets a percentage of the extra charges, he will make your bill as high as possible.

Honest movers can protect your belongings just as well by using thick quilted moving pads and reusable bands to wrap your furniture at no extra charge.

Here are some of the questions you should ask when you call a mover in order to protect yourself from extra charges.

Do you charge for tape or bubble wrap?

Do you carry boxes on your trucks?

Do you charge for boxes or cardboard?

Are there any other possible charges?

If you get a "yes" answer to any of these questions, beware.

Finally ask if they will send you a confirmation in writing, including all prices of the materials they carry on their trucks.

This is the answer you should get a "yes" to; if not, again, beware.

In moving, time is money because most movers charge by the hour. Anything you can do to make your move quicker and more efficient will save you money. There are two principal ways to save time and money when you move.

One good way, if you have the time, is to do your own packing; however, throwing your belongings in any old box will not only lead to some items being damaged. It also wastes time, as odd size boxes take more time to stack and move. Be sure that all boxes are closed on top and taped at both top and bottom. Sturdy, uniform size boxes should be used to do the job right. Just remember: if it will fit in a box, put it in a box (i.e. stereo components, VCRs, lamps and pictures).

Another way to save time is to prepare everything for moving. This means disconnecting appliances (i.e. TV, stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc). Also, wrap all cords up so they are not dangling. If you can do it, removing mirrors from dressers and dismantling beds can save time; however, the movers will be happy to do this for you if you are unable to.

Proudly Affiliated with A Red Cross Mover
A portion of every move goes to assisting people in need.

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